Ancillary & bespoke equipment

As you would expect, a wide range of ancillary equipment is available and can be provided either as individual items or as integrated accessories. These include actuator mounted compensators, extension rods, ROV buckets, integral check valves, integration of individual valves into manifold arrangements, fitting of electronic sensors, specialised testing and qualification, etc.

Stem extensions, ROV buckets & positioners
Many different input interfaces are available as standard or to meet individual Customer requirements. ROV buckets may be fitted directly to the valve or connected via a suitable extension rod. With the provision of earthing straps, electrical continuity is ensured, whilst the valve position is correctly shown by means of a directly linked indicator.

Where necessary, we can provide purpose-designed hydraulic compensators. They seal directly onto the valve bonnet without the need for external pipework, providing a piston displacement function if a sea chest is not available.

Despite many orders initially being “repeat”, we recognise that as technology and industry demands change, much of the “repeat” enquiries become bespoke to meet customers’ specific needs or requirements.

An in-house facility is also available to provide servicing, upgrading and re-testing of previously supplied Bentley products, no matter how old they are.

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