Research & Development

The Research and Development (R&D) department at LB Bentley has capability for all aspects of product development – from conceptual design, to prototype assembly and test. The team of dedicated research and design engineers has a broad spectrum of experience including design drafting, machining, and offshore servicing. Our purpose-built pressure test facility can simulate a range of environmental conditions, including simulated water depth of 10,000ft (3,048m), and temperatures between -60°C and 190°C.

Due to the qualification status of our products constantly changing, Bentley have a rigorous, continuous product development programme in place, working to meet our customers’ needs. LB Bentley’s Product Qualification policy is to design, test and qualify OEM products to meet the latest editions of API 6A and API 17D temperature and depth requirements, whilst endurance testing to twice the required number of operating cycles. This approach along with our ongoing research and development ensures that Bentley are market leaders in delivering innovative, qualified products to fully satisfy our customers’ requirements.

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