Engineering Technician Apprentice

LB Bentley have a robust Apprenticeship Programme in place and have a number of different types of apprentices throughout the business, from technical apprenticeships to business based apprenticeships. 

We are actively recruiting for Engineering Technician Apprentices to start their apprenticeship in September 2024.  This is a four year apprenticeship with the first year being full time with a Gloucester based training provider, and the subsequent years learning in our manufacturing facility based in Stroud, with additional specialist college based training and learning.  This is an NVQ Level 3 qualification, with the opportunity for further learning for right candidate.

We look for a minimum of five GCSE, level 4 or above, in Maths, English and Science (plus 2 more subjects).  The candidate must have a strong aptitude for maths with an interest in finding out how things work.

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Apprenticeship Success Stories

Harry recently completed his apprenticeship an NVQ Level 3 – Advanced Mechanical Engineering Technician.

Q: What do you like about Engineering and what appealed to you about completing an Advanced Mechanical Engineering Technician apprenticeship?

Harry: What appealed to me was this apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to use my initiative, and I enjoy and excel in the problem-solving aspect of engineering.

Q: What skills have you gained on this apprenticeship?

Harry: I would say the fundamental skills I have gained that I use on a day-to-day basis are problem-solving, general machining and CNC knowledge and probably the most important is self-confidence in my own abilities.

Q: What other things have you learnt on the apprenticeship?

Harry: Teamwork and learning that everyone has an integral part of being a team member and also, learning more about production engineering and product design.

Q: What are the strengths you have developed over the apprenticeship?

Harry: I have learnt to be more resourceful and have developed my initiative to think of other ways to approach problems and find solutions.

D’Andre is currently completing an apprenticeship as an Advanced Mechanical Engineering Technician.

Q: What do you like about engineering?

D: I like having the skills to be able to design and make something, and really appreciate creating and engineering something from the start to a finished product.

Q: What skills have you gained?

D: During my apprenticeship I have developed skills on the manual lathes and milling machines. I have also learnt a lot about problem solving and tolerances.

Q: What else have you learnt?

D: I have learnt that being patient is fundamental in any role and apprenticeship. Time keeping is also another valuable skill that I have learnt.

Q: What are your strengths?

D: I keep a very level head with my work and stay resilient even when maybe not succeeding with tasks on the first try. I keep going until I get the job done to the required level of quality and output.


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