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Part of Severn Group, LB Bentley specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke small bore subsea valves for the oil & gas industry, and filter and dryer packages for a variety of industries and a broad range of applications. Founded in 1972 and based in the heart of the 5 valleys in the Cotswolds, LB Bentley has developed from a small family business into a company who operates in a Global market place.

LB Bentley had the very first small-bore subsea valve placed subsea so have over 35 year of field proven success with our design.  We pioneered metal-to-metal sealing technology delivering a high quality and reliable solution.  With our filter & dryer packages our bespoke designs ensure that we have overcome built in obsolescence delivering longevity of operational life.

“LB Bentley has grown and developed over the last 50 years into the global business it is today. Our ethos and approach to: Product Innovation; International Growth; Excellent Customer Service and a willingness to evolve are the reasons for the success we have achieved so far. These areas of focus along with LB Bentley’s commitment to our customers and our people, and our approach to sustainability will enable us to overcome the future challenges of the energy transition industry.

– Rhys Jones, President LB Bentley Ltd.

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