Through Conduit Split Gate Valves

Where a gate valve design is required to have full metal-to-metal sealing throughout the flow bore, LB Bentley can provide a product that is truly unique in the market place.

35 years of reliable field-proven success: The first small bore subsea valve to go subsea. 

The unique design of the Through Conduit Split Gate valve, with full metal to metal sealing throughout the flow bore giving a true metal to metal seal between the seat and body, delivers a reliable performance that can tolerate contaminated and dirt laden fluids which makes other valve designs vulnerable, significantly reducing the risk of failure.

With our static leaf spring design the split gates are pre-loaded against the seat face giving a perfect seal.  By pre-loading the gates at the centre line of the seat ensures that the seat/gate contact is always maintained, this achieves a low pressure gas tight seal without the aid of lubricant or sealant injection.

The flexibility of this design for the Through Conduit Split Gate valve allows Bentley to deliver a bespoke solution that satisfies the customers’ needs and has the ability to optimise performance in any given application.

A full range of accessories are available including ROV buckets, extension rods, compensators, indicator mechanisms etc., together with the option of incorporating the valve assembly into manifold arrangements making it a truly flexible product.

At LB Bentley, we work hard to meet our customers’ needs and as we strive towards continuous improvement, the qualification status of our products is constantly developing. This enables us to offer an expanding range of fully qualified products. To find out more about our full range of products use our contact form here.

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