Rotary Gate Valve

The subsea rotary gate valve was introduced into the market by LB Bentley in 1998. Since then it has gained universal acceptance throughout the industry. It has become the product of choice globally, with many customers preferring and trusting this design over traditional needle, ball and slab type gate valve designs.

The Rotary gate valve embrace innovative design: using metal to metal sealing technology delivering a reliable, efficient and compact solution.

Our Rotary Gate Valve has minimal moving parts, the quarter-turn mechanism delivers a wipe-clean action ensuring that the valve performs reliably even with the dirtiest of fluids. This self-cleaning ‘wiping’ action between the gate and buttons, plus the use of metal to metal sealing technology, ensures the integrity of the valve and further promotes the longevity of its performance in the subsea field.

The Rotary Gate Valve can be operated manually with an ROV interface or hydraulically with our patented OPTItorkTM actuator with a manual over-ride if specified. Valve is also truly flexible with the option to be either panel or block mounted to satisfy the customers XMT design.

Being designed with space saving simplicity in mind the Rotary Gate Valve satisfies the demands of the industry in supporting the drive to reduce the size of XMT’s and manifolds.

Robust and simple, our Rotary Gate Valves suit many applications and various media – from hydraulic fluids to well fluids to injection chemicals. It is compact and light weight making it perfect for use in small space envelopes and its versatility means that it can be used in any orientation, with flexible porting and mounting capabilities to suit any customers’ needs.

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