Rotary Gate Valves

The subsea rotary gate valve was introduced into the market by Bentley in 1998. Since then it has gained universal acceptance throughout the industry. It has become the product of choice globally, with many customers preferring and trusting this design over traditional needle, ball and slab type gate valve designs.

With an unparalleled experience in the design and manufacture of the rotary gate valve, the beautiful simplicity of its operation has proven it to be hugely reliable in service, enabling Bentley to provide a SIL 2 rated product with the widest range of features and accessories available today.

A wide range of sizes, pressures, materials and interfaces are available from 3/8″ through to 1″ nominal bore, up to 15,000psi (1,034 bar) in both FF and HH trims. Designs are qualified to API 6A 20th Edition and API 17D 2nd Edition for the temperature range -29°C to 150°C, to a water depth of 10,000ft.

The simplicity and versatility of the rotary gate valve is immediately apparent when the orientations and variations are considered. Almost any style and combination of inlet / outlet connections can be provided and there is also an extensive range of proven manual interfaces.

Qualification testing

Qualification and design changes form an integral part of Bentley’s ongoing development and continuous improvement programme. Dedicated on site testing facilities allow LB Bentley to test products and designs to meet API 6A 20th Edition, API 17D 2nd Edition, other major international standards, and customer specific requirements. Third Party Witnessing of testing is normally provided by Lloyds Inspectorate. Bespoke environmental chambers and hyperbaric pressure equipment ensures that the full range of testing needs can be met in-house.

At Bentley, we work hard to meet our customers’ needs and as we strive towards continuous improvement, the qualification status of our products is constantly developing. This enables us to offer an expanding range of fully qualified products. To find out more about our full range of products use our contact form here.

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