Check valves

Bentley check valves are able to provide full metal sealing (combined metal to metal and polymeric) across a wide range of temperatures in line with those currently demanded by the oil industry.

The check valve may be installed as a standalone unit, or it can be built integrally into the rotary or split gate valves. Many alternative styles can be provided, such as threaded, butt weld, flange mounted, “sandwich” designs.

The Bentley Check Valve is available in FF and HH trim materials as standard and offers fully certified API 6A 20th Edition and API 17D 2nd Ed performance down to a water depth of 10,000ft.

Designed and tested to achieve a pressure rating of 15,000psi (1,034 bar) and a temperature range of between -29°C to 150°C, both the 1/2″ and the 1″ in-line poppet style check valves provide the durability and reliability demanded of a subsea check valve in the chemical injection process. Each seal has been independently tested and certified to meet these arduous requirements.

Recognising that soft faced check valves are susceptible to contamination, field servicing of the valve by simple replacement of the spool assembly has been designed to be as easy to achieve as possible. Crucially, if installed in a gate valve assembly, this is carried out without affecting the integrity of any seat to body interface, as this can be a major issue for certain design solutions.

At Bentley, we work hard to meet our customers’ needs and as we strive towards continuous improvement, the qualification status of our products is constantly developing. This enables us to offer an expanding range of fully qualified products. To find out more about our full range of products use our contact form here.

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