LB Bentley has been supplying rotary gate valve actuators since 2001. However, recent, more stringent customer performance and testing specifications have challenged LB Bentley’s design engineers to draw on their past experience to meet these demands. The challenge has been to refine and optimise the performance of the existing actuator design. The result is the OPTItorkTM rotary actuator.

Actuators are currently available to operate 3/8″ to 3/4″ Bentley Rotary Gate Valves at differential pressures of up to 15,000psi (1,034 bar). The OPTItorkTM actuator operates to a performance level unmatched in the industry.

In-house FEA and CFD analysis tools, sophisticated testing techniques and data acquisition software have been successfully employed to evaluate the internal hydraulic flow paths. This ensures that the speed of the actuator is fully self-regulated at all times and the required performance characteristics are optimised.

At the heart of the OPTItorkTM actuator is the helix sleeve. Its design is fundamental to the successful operation of the actuator. The profile ensures that the maximum torque is available during the opening stroke, exactly when it is needed, without compromising the performance on the return stroke.

For maximum durability and low friction, all the essential internal sliding surfaces are nitrided thus providing a repeatable and reliable performance over its long life. The internal bearings are designed and configured to achieve a performance that easily surpasses twice the number of operating cycles that are demanded by API 17D 2nd Edition.

The OPTItorkTM retains the original tried and tested “push to disconnect” manual override mechanism, although a turn-only version is available. In addition, the nominal “depth insensitivity” of the rotary actuator and valve continues. This, together with a wide range of acceptable operating pressures, ensures that the OPTItorkTM offers the user a truly “one size fits all” solution. We believe that the progress offered by the unique design of the OPTItorkTM actuator ensures that all of the customer’s needs, both now and in the foreseeable future, can be met.

At LB Bentley, we work hard to meet our customers’ needs and as we strive towards continuous improvement, the qualification status of our products is constantly developing. This enables us to offer an expanding range of fully qualified products. To find out more about our full range of products use our contact form here.

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