Machine Shop
With a purpose-built machine shop focusing on work flow, we have separate raw material storage, including a quarantine area for delivered, unchecked, material.

There is an array of CNC machinery fed by wireless DNC link incorporating the latest in probing technology, coupled with fourth axis machining and pallet shuttle for higher productivity.

Machine shop capabilities include, sawing, turning, milling, drilling, spark drilling, electro discharge machining and diamond lapping.

Tooling consumables are controlled by a state of the art web based tooling management system, Supply Pro. Stock levels are updated and can be automatically re-ordered every 15 minutes giving us the ability to track usage and allocate costs.

Assembly & Test
Our Assembly and Test area has 13 purpose-built test cells allowing both hydro and gas testing in safety. All refurbishments and customer returns are handled by a specialised team, scheduled outside of normal production work through dedicated test cells.

Technical resources

The Engineering Department uses NAFEMS accredited FEA software, that is closely integrated with the 3D solid models created using Autodesk Inventor.  Both linear, non linear and fatigue analysis of customer specific load cases are undertaken, whilst the addition of a thermal analysis module ensures that temperature effects and induced stresses can also be analysed if required.




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