Our Vision, Mission and Values



To become the leading valve and filter and dryer specialist for critical service and demanding applications. 


Severn Group aims to build a family of complementary, specialist, high-end valve engineering and manufacturing companies, establishing a leading global force in the energy and industrial valve market. 


As part of the Severn Group, our business flows from expertise – from technical knowledge and experience that position us as a leader in our field.  Not everything, however, can be engineered.  The Values which underpin that success stem instinctively from the culture we seek to sustain.  Everything we do is tested against our Values, and our people are encouraged to apply them every day: they are the stewards of our brand, our reputation, our heritage, our ambitions. 

We put the customer at the heart of our business

We go the extra mile to form, grow and protect enduring partnerships. It’s not business that connect – it’s the people within them, and we invest in those individual connections to create and nurture mutually productive customer relationships. 

We do the rights things in the right way

We commit to full compliance, but we also promote a wider business culture of good ethical practice and diversity. Defined by fairness and transparency, underpinned by inclusive communication to inspire trust and respect; we challenge and support one another to achieve our shared goals.

As individuals, as teams and as an organisation, we take responsibility for our work

We prize the sense of belonging and family spirit across our operations. Everyone at Severn Group contributes to our success – we are incentivised and empowered to positively impact business achievements, environmental sustainability and high performance in safety.

We take pride in the quality and performance of our products and services we provide

Not only are we passionate about delivering exceptional service through our innovative products, superior technical capabilities and ethos of continuous improvement; but to us, excellence also means our attitude, our collective flair, our diligence, and our resolve to be the best.

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