Charity Cake Sale

Social As part of our ESG commitment the LB Bentley team set out to raise funds for Maggie’s Charity, a UK charity to support people, and their families, when they have received a cancer diagnosis. This charity was chosen by someone in our team who received support from Maggie’s, this meant that there was a […]

Education Careers Support

Social As part of LB Bentley’s educational liaison programme and the Group’s commitment to ESG, LB Bentley supports the local schools and colleges with their career events.  With career awareness and development being an important part of the school curriculum for 12 to 18-year-olds, schools and colleges look to local businesses from a variety of […]

Education Liaison & Support

Social As part of our ESG program, LB Bentley provide support to local schools and colleges who offer the opportunity to take part in careers and personal development events to their students.  A local secondary school – Thomas Keble asked LB Bentley if they could be involved with their year 11 careers day, by supporting […]

World Mental Health Day

Social Today, we’re shining a spotlight on something incredibly important – World Mental Health Day! At LB Bentley, we believe that a healthy mind is just as vital as a health body. This year’s theme, ”Mental Health is a universal right”, reminds us of the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone’s […]

Black History Month

Social As part of Severn Group, LB Bentley is proud to join the nation in celebrating Black History Month.  This annual observance serves as a vital reminder of the rich and enduring contributions that Black individuals have made throughout history. It also allows us to reaffirm our commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (ED&I) within […]

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