Over the last few years global awareness of the environmental impacts of the manufacturing industry has grown, with the necessary environmental developments being a priority to industry leaders who recognise the need to enforce action to reduce the impact of all industries on our planet.

Here at LB Bentley, we have been actively reducing our carbon footprint for many years, and have made key decisions to improve our manufacturing impact on the environment with initiatives such as:

  • The use of renewable energy sources with the installation of solar panels to reduce our requirement from the grid.
  • Introducing a range recycling initiatives with the reuse, recycle and reduce being fundamental to our approach.
  • Using a local supply chain where possible, to directly reduce carbon footprint. This has the added advantage of supporting the development of our local economy and providing employment within our local community.

LB Bentley will continue to make these improvements as environmental technologies advance and strive to continue to reduce our environmental impact with future initiatives.

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