Small bore subsea valves and actuators

Innovation is central to the business. With our extensive experience, we have the edge when it comes to designing and developing small bore subsea valves. We also have the unique advantage of being the first manufacturer to produce small bore subsea valves, to the required industry specification. The volume and success of our small bore subsea valves, delivered to projects globally, gives us the confidence of knowing that our products and processes are robust and quality driven.

We pioneered metal-to-metal sealing technology that reduces the risk of contamination and failure and we continue to use this technology in our newly developed products. Due to our expertise and innovative approach we have secured frame agreements with major Global subsea XMT and manifold manufacturers.


Filters & Dryers

Bentley’s Filters & Dryers business designs and manufactures medium and high pressure filtration and drying solutions to satisfy bespoke customer requirements.

Our innovative in-house design and production capabilities mean we can develop filter and dryer assembly’s that precisely match customer requirements – particularly when those requirements are niche and pose unique challenges.

That is when our specialist expertise adds further value: our bespoke approach eliminates the risk of obsolescence associated with mass-manufactured products, and provides the potential for long in-life service.

Small bore subsea carbon capture valves and hydrogen Filters & Dryers

LB Bentley’s approach to Research and Development is robust and innovative, and is bedrock on which the company has developed over the last 50 years.

Having a history of designing our own patented, highly engineered and bespoke products, we have the in-house expertise, experience and field proven success to develop our product range further to deliver unique solutions for energy transition applications.

With recognising the changes within the energy industry, LB Bentley already have products in place that support these requirements.

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