LB Bentley,  has always been strongly committed to reducing our environmental impact on both a corporate and individual basis. 

We are ISO 14001:2015 certified, which means that, as a company, we satisfy certain environmental criteria and have environmental measures and improvements in place. This approach to improving our environmental impact is set within the ethos of our company and is a key focus within our company values. 

LB Bentley has several ongoing initiatives that demonstrate our commitment ranging from improving our environment on our doorstep to enhancing our global environment impact, such as:

  • The installation of solar panels that have reduced our carbon footprint.
  • Increasing our recycling and reducing our general waste by over 50% with no waste going to landfill.
  • Recycling and re-using the by-product of our manufacturing: oils, swarf, etc. 
  • Using local suppliers where feasible to cut down our supply chain carbon footprint considerably. 

And on our doorstep…

  • An ongoing replanting and regeneration programme. 
  • Keeping areas of the premises specifically for nature by leaving nettles and buddleia, plus planting insect-friendly wildflower areas.
  • Planning the build of a hibernaculum for overwintering of small animals and amphibians. 

These environmental initiatives are only a few from our overall plan, which is being constantly assessed, measured, and developed. LB Bentley strives to continually improve the reduction of our environmental impact and aims to support our customers to achieve their environmental goals. 

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